Carrots are hilarious

Today marks the first time that Charlotte really laughed at something. And I don’t mean the quick giggle that will sometimes accompany a smile – she’s been doing that for awhile now. I mean a real on-going belly laugh because something is just that funny. And that funny something was me today. (joy joy joy joy happy dance!)

I had her in the swing in the kitchen so she could watch me while I put groceries away and make dinner. She was in such a happy mood – every time I looked at her she smiled and cooed. Then I decided to have a conversation with her while eating a carrot. I crouched down in front of her and started “talking” (or making weird noises, whatever). She thought this was HILARIOUS. She just laughed and laughed, which, in turn, made me laugh and laugh, which made her laugh even more. We sat there laughing at each other for at least five minutes. I wanted to grab the video camera, but I worried that I’d ruin her bright mood if I left the room to go hunt for it. (Crying when we leave her alone is another thing she is learning. It’s not as fun as the laughing.) This was the easily the best part of my day. It just proved that I really am the funniest person in the entire world.

On with other news: I finally took Charlotte’s three month pictures yesterday afternoon. I was only twenty days late. The bad thing about taking monthly photos is that you can’t keep putting it off – eventually she’s going to turn another month older and then you’ll have wasted that cute sticker. The important thing is that I got them done before she officially hits four months old. We’ll just call these the “Almost-Four-Month-but-Let’s-Pretend-They’re-Three-Month Photos.” Here are some of my favorites:

Oh no, not this again Mom!

I wonder which is softer: this blanket or my arm?

I predict a foot discovery on its way!

Practicing for America's Next Top Model: Baby Edition

Pretty please, Daddy?

Re-creating my one of my very first newborn photos...

...I was a little swollen back then.

I plan on putting these monthly photos (and others) into a scrapbook of her first year that I’ll make after her birthday. I bought a coupon worth $50 for Mixbook (an online scrapbook creator. I don’t do paper scrapbooks. Too much cutting.) for only $5 bucks thanks to Groupon! I would say I can’t wait for December to get here so I can get started on what I imagine will turn out to be a very cute coffee table baby book, but I don’t want Charlotte growing up any faster than she already is. Cue sentimental mommy sniffles. Oh well, I suppose grown-up Charlotte will be fun, too. šŸ™‚


6 responses to “Carrots are hilarious

  1. That is such a sweet story about you two laughing at each other!! She is so preciousl.

  2. *oops……precious!

  3. Hi Katy, Charlotte is such a cutie. I love reading your blog. I made a book on Shutterfly of Jacob’s 1st year using the monthly pictures with the stickers on the onsies! I love the book and have it on our coffee table. Amanda is expecting #2 at the end of August….I love being a Grandma and can’t wait for “Newkid” to be born!

  4. Just love all the pics and your witty way of describing them. xoxo

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