Mother-daughter moments

Finally, smiles during tummy time:

I'm really good at smiling for you, Mama!

Charlotte was being so cute and smiley; I took about a hundred pictures. Finally, I just had to get down there and kiss her five hundred times. Obsessed? Maybe. Okay, yes. Then we took this one together:

Look at those peepers!

Later, I bundled her up for our walk with Buddy. It was sunny today but still pretty chilly, so I had to do a really good job making sure she’d stay nice and toasty.

Whoa, pink overload...

Notice her hat, double hood, too-big jacket (but so what, right?), booties, and bib (aka slobber catcher). What you can’t see is her sweatshirt, undershirt, and socks. And she wore a blanket over her legs. Writing this out makes it sound like she’d be way too hot, but she wasn’t, and I know that because I’m her mom.

Hey, don't forget about me! I was the first child!


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