Ramblings about vacations and baby pictures and stuff

It’s been so long since I’ve posted anything with substance so I have a lot to catch you all up on! If you get bored while reading this perhaps too lengthy slash a little bit rambling post, go visit Pop Sugar or The Onion or Sarah Palin’s Twitter account for something more interesting. It won’t hurt my feelings because I’ll never know.

Ok, now for “Life with the Doran Family Since Two Weeks Ago.” *Warning: I’m in a weird mood.*

What have we been up to? (Picture me rubbing my chin, eyes looking up.) Ah yes, two weeks ago today Amy arrived for a splendid little midweek visit with the babe. She brought Chris’s baby pictures, and I laughed my head off over how funny he looked. Sure, he was cute, but there is also something hilarious about seeing your husband in baby form. Maybe it was me picturing those fat baby thighs on him today. Or maybe it was seeing Baby Chris laying in the grass with his bare butt in the air to help his diaper rash. (I can’t help it, but this makes me picture Chris today getting his diaper changed, which makes me laugh more. Sorry. I told you I am in a weird mood.)

I realize now that I should have a couple of Baby Chris pictures to share, but I don’t. No decent scanner in this house. I’ll have to add that to my ever-growing project list, behind taking pictures of the nursery (which is behind making new curtains for the nursery, which is behind finally choosing fabric, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…). It might take awhile.

Back to Amy’s visit: I was lame and did not get out the camera once during the 2+ days she was here (I guess we were just having too much fun), but I did get this one after she left because I really liked the bright colors she dressed Charlotte in.

I'm a little ray of sunshine!

The next day, Friday, we packed everything into our car to prepare for the first yet very short leg of our trip out to Virginia. We drove to Glen Ellyn to stay the night so that we could do the rest of the drive in one day. My aunt Susan told us that it typically takes her about 12 hours to drive from GE to her home in Fairfax, so we were expecting it to take us anywhere from 12 to 15 hours with the baby. Of course, Chris and I stayed up way too late Friday night to get as early a start as I hoped the next morning, but we managed to get out by 8:30 and arrive just under 13 hours later. We were surprised we made such good time because we did have to stop a few times for 20+ plus minutes for feedings and diaper changes. Charlotte was a perfect little traveler. She did a lot of sleeping and virtually no crying or fussing. Lucky us.

I took a few videos along the way as we passed through the states, and they are very lame. Here is the first installment. If you want to check out the rest, you can click on to my YouTube page link on the right. Reminder: These are very lame.

And here’s a cuter video of me trying to entertain the munchkin. You will also see some baby barf.

Our entire week in D.C. was so busy; we were go-go-going the entire time. But this was perfect since there is so much to see and do, and we wanted to make the most out of our time there.

Sunday was sunny and warm so Aunt Susan took us out to the Mall (not the shopping kind) to see the memorials. I have been wanting to see these since I was a freshman in college and studied them in order to design my own 9/11 memorial. They are all so different and unique in their own right. Lincoln and Washington are impressive, of course, not only because of their size but also their build and placement. Stark white, smooth cold stone, facing one another. They seemed fatherly to me, if that makes sense. I felt small, safe, proud, and connected to everyone else standing around them with me.

On a lighter note, Chris called George Washington “the penis of our nation,” which makes sense looking up at his monument. He means this in only good ways.

Two more memorials I didn’t know much about beforehand but loved are those for FDR and the Korean War. FDR’s was great because you had to walk through it, as it was constructed alongside the Potomic River. There were rock sculptures, fountains, quotes, and statues. Me likey.

Us with statues

Aunt Susan rubbing his finger

A cheesy smile from the munchkin for good measure

The Korean War Memorial was simply eerie. The faces of real men in combat were etched into the black stone wall, and the sculpted soldiers looked so real, like they were wading through rice paddies.

On Monday we went to Mount Vernon, George and Martha Washington’s home. Mount Vernon was easily one of my favorite things we did. I love going through historical homes. It reminds me of my days giving tours of Kappa Headquarters…

We couldn’t take pictures inside the house, but I’m sure if you google it you can see what we did. We got some great shots of his land though, including his crypt, slave quarters, and farm. Chris and I bought our one and only souvenir at the gift shop: a tiny teapot ornament modeling Martha’s china.

Just hanging out with Georgie and Marth

The "Shack"

Sitting on the back porch

What a horrible view. George and Martha's lives must have been miserable.

Nursing in front of the outhouse...

Family foto

There is a lot more trip to cover, with more pictures and a couple more videos, but I’ll have to get to the rest tomorrow. It’s midnight, and I need to get ready for bed so that I can handle 130 7th and 8th graders tomorrow. Ay ay ay.

Come back tomorrow to read about the Smithsonian, our private tour of the Capitol, bad traffic, and Arlington Cemetary.

I’ll leave you with with video of Charlotte and her good friend, Brooklyn.


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