It’s a Mom Thing

I’ve been thinking…

Now that I’m a mom, I may want to consider making a few changes in my life. Let’s start with my appearance.

Perhaps I’ll pick up some mom jeans next time I hit the mall.

The full rump coverage provided by these jeans is perfect considering my new underwear will look like this:

Next, I’ll stop by Great Clips for a mom haircut.

And I can’t forget jewelry. Every mom needs a kids-on-a-chain necklace, right?

I can show off my new look while cruising around town in this baby:

Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention my new hobbies:

We all know every mom needs her time to relax between soccer games and preparing three course meals. I plan to take a load off with my new favorite T.V. show and some light reading.

Wow, being a mom is about to get even better! Who knew??

I know Chris will just love the new me. No man can resist the mom jeans.



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