Current Events

We’ve been busy the last few days, and I haven’t done a good job keeping the world my ten readers updated. So here goes, starting with last Thursday.

My wonderful workplace had a celebration before our weekly professional development meeting for those of us who’ve had/having babies or got married this year. Charlotte was the only baby actually born, so I got to introduce her to the entire staff. We had cake and got a really nice gift basket.

It included diapers, wipes, an outfit, some onesies, spoons, washclothes, dirty diaper bags, a bottle scrubber, a Target gift card, a check, and a rubber Merduck.

Bet you've never seen a rubber duck with a ponytail before, eh?

How lucky am I to work with such thoughtful and supportive people?

On Friday evening, we went to the Senior Center in town where our next door neighbor has his art on exhibit. I had no idea how talented our neighbor is – his paintings are fascinating and beautiful. He uses a lot of bright colors and thick, textured applications of paint. Chris and I were happy to support him by purchasing one of his pieces! I’ll post a picture of our new art once we get it in early April.

Chris’s best friend from Boone, Andrew, and his wife, Stephanie, drove to town from their home in Minnesota on Saturday. This was Andrew and Stephanie’s first time meeting Charlotte, so she showed off her muscles during tummy time.

And finally, today, Charlotte visited with her Grandpa Ben, Christine, and Mary. She showed off her beautiful singing voice at lunch, tried to soak every shoulder in sight with her drool, and spent a lot of time on Grandpa’s lap.

Here she is, deciding she’s had enough sitting already.

Hello? I'm getting hungry!

Right now I am mentally preparing myself for the last week of school before spring break. Amy will be here Tuesday and Wednesday, then we’re off to Virginia on Saturday for a family trip to our Nation’s Capitol! This will be a first for all three of us (Well, I did go to D.C. when I was four, but I don’t remember anything important so it doesn’t count.), so we’re very excited. Welcome stroller weather!


One response to “Current Events

  1. Mary Campbell (Gigi)

    So you’re going on a road trip to VA. I know you said you thought you would when I saw you last. Say hi to the MACs for me & enjoy yourselves. Charlotte will be the most well traveled baby in our family, for sure! Take care, loves.

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