Carting around

Tonight at Walmart Charlotte rode around in a cart for the first time. We weren’t planning on sitting her in there, but carrying her around the store was exhausting so we figured we’d give the cart seat a try. We had to strap her in pretty tightly since she can’t sit up on her own, but once we did, it worked out pretty well. Charlotte sat very still because it was later in the evening and she was sleepy. Can you tell?

Why are you laughing at me, Mommy and Daddy? Do I look funny?

I think the lady shopping in the same aisle (you can see her shoes in the background) thought Chris and I were very strange for taking so many pictures of Charlotte doing nothing. I was throwing a mini mommy fit over how cute she is.

Also, don’t you love her giraffe shoes? Here’s a close-up:

I am imposing my shoe obsession on my daughter….Good times.



3 responses to “Carting around

  1. omg she is soooooo adorable!!!

  2. Hi Katy and Chris

    Charlotte is beautiful! I am your Mom’s old BFF from Glenbard. I am enjoying the pictures! Eric too! Do you remember him?

    • Thanks! I certainly do remember Eric and Emily well! i have silly memories babysitting them with Leigh Ann and Mary in Ohio. šŸ™‚

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