I love lamp

I’m sorry it’s been a couple days since my last update. My excuse is that I’m swamped at work with the end of the trimester on Monday. Also, I don’t get enough sleep. Even though Charlotte usually sleeps through the night, her mother can’t get her act together and get in bed before midnight. Or one. Sometimes even later…

Oh well. The weekend is for recharging, and it’s finally almost here! This weekend we’ll be driving to Glen Ellyn to visit the family. We were originally going to meet up with my bestest friend from college, Jenny, and her husband Chris from Indy, but their poor dog needs surgery instead. 😦 (This frown is for both Rudy (sick dog) and for not getting to see Jenny and Chris.) Don’t worry about us though; I’m sure we won’t have any trouble finding people to hang out with us Charlotte.

This past Monday, I crafted up a little white lamp for Charlotte’s room. I’d been looking for a lamp at Goodwill and some consignment shops for months now. The requirement was that it needed to be small and really cheap. I was open to pretty much any style since I wanted to give it a makeover anyway, but I think I lucked out when I found a cute round one at Goodwill. The price for both the lamp and shade? A whopping $4.58. Sold.

I picked up some cute fabric for 2.50, used it to cover the plain white shade, and presto! A new lamp for about 8 buckaroos. (Okay, okay. It was more like ten bucks because I messed up once and had to go back for another half yard of fabric. But still, so cheap!)

Do you like it?

Wrapping fabric around a lampshade is harder than it should be…

Charlotte does. Can you tell?

Wow! That is the greatest looking lamp I have EVER seen!

Here’s another close-up, just in case you’re like us and can’t get enough.

Thanks for stopping by to see me!


One response to “I love lamp

  1. Adorable lamp and baby!!! Can’t wait to see all of you tonight.

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