These boots were made for…being carried

There is something about baby shoes that I find hard to resist. I especially love the mini versions of adult shoes, like the baby UGGs and the little Pumas. However, I can’t bring myself to drop 20, 30, 40+ bucks on a pair of shoes a baby will wear for maybe five minutes, so I usually just stick with socks. But I couldn’t resit a pair of Baby Gap boots that I found at Stuff Etc. (a huge local consignment shop) when I was still pregnant. And since they’re thrift, they were only 5 or 6 dollars! Sure, I’ll drop that on a cute pair of boots for my girl! Buy them I did, and they’ve been sitting in drawer ever since just waiting for the day that Charlotte would fit into them. Well, that day was today!

Here she is, modeling:

Must-haves for the '11 winter season

Her entire outfit today was size 6 months, and while she still has room to grow in the clothes, they don’t look that big on her. Speaking of big, doesn’t she look huge in my arms? In this picture, her face looks as wide as mine is. (It’s not really. But doesn’t it look like it is here??) Let me remind you – she’s two months old.

I don’t have any other babies in my life to compare her to, so maybe she’s not all that big for her age. I certainly don’t look at her in person and think so. It’s just when I see pictures of her in my arms and compare them to pics from December that I can see how much she’s grown. I’m hoping all this growing and fattening up will give me a pair of Michelle Obama arms by summer.

My future arms??? (Image courtesy of


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