Chris’ First Post

I’ve managed to stay out of the limelight here for too long, and it’s time for me to get my feet wet! Katy has been doing a super job so far with this, and she really enjoys it — can you tell?!

But let’s cut to the chase. Something ridiculous happened this morning (Wednesday). I messed up, and badly. Have you ever woken up extra early, eaten breakfast, and put the cereal box back in the refrigerator because you’re still out of it? Or put the milk jug back in the cereal cupboard? Well, this morning at 7am I was changing Charlotte’s diaper, and I forgot to put the new diaper on before I stitched her back up…

That’s not early, you might say, but that is a matter of opinion and also depends on the previous night’s bedtime. Anyway, the error went unnoticed for several hours, until I had to pick Charlotte up after an ominous roll of thunder. I noticed a wet spot underneath where she had been laying on our bed. Pee, obviously, which seemed pretty strange. By habit my eyes darted to her butt, where they saw all kinds of mess. Horrified, I threw her onto the changing table (not literally, of course).  The missing diaper quickly becomes obvious, and I might have even laughed if at that moment she hadn’t projectile-pooped halfway across the changing table.  And she wasn’t even done there…

12-14 baby wipes, two towels, a bath, new clothes, and a total of 40 minutes later, we’re finally back in business. FBOW (for better or worse), no pictures were taken of any of this, so feel free let your imagination run wild, and have a nice laugh at my expense. 🙂


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