Charlotte had her two month check-up on Wednesday and had to get a few immunizations.

I don't like pokes in my legs. Ouch.

I didn’t go because I was working, but Chris told me he was glad I didn’t — apparently there were lots of tears. 😦

As you can see from this picture (and the one above)…

…Charlotte is CHUB-BY. In fact, she just jumped from the 75th percentile last month to the 90th for her weight. 12 lbs. 11 oz.! Someone must be doing a good job feeding her… (Picture me dusting off shoulders.) She is also 23 inches tall – 68th percentile. I know these early numbers don’t really mean anything for the future (um, thank goodness), but it still makes me giggle to think that Charlotte is fatter than 90% of all other babies her age.


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