The Super Nap

This is how excited Charlotte was about watching the Super Bowl:





Personally, I prefer the Puppy Bowl.

This picture makes me laugh for so many reasons. For one, just look at those pants! So high! You’d think her bellybutton was just under her chin. Speaking of chins, normally you’d find one directly above a neck. But no neck in sight here! Just head, shoulders, and lower torso. Finally (and I know you all noticed this), my baby has her first camel toe. Is this inappropriate for a mother to say about her infant? Maybe. But it’s really just the result of a bulky diaper, obviously. Still funny though. I’m thinking this picture might make it into the “future blackmail” archives.*



*No, I do not have a “future blackmail” archives. Bearing in mind some of my junior high students though, perhaps I should take this idea into consideration.


2 responses to “The Super Nap

  1. Urkelette, what a sweetheart!

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