This is how we spent my last day of maternity leave

Grandmas are here today! Hurray! And Chris and I had our first night out together since Charlotte was born! Double hurray! Wow, so many exclamation points!…!!!

Grandma Amy brought her camera and took about 8,000 pictures (plus or minus one or two 🙂 ).  Here are some of the highlights of our day:

First, Bob and the Grandmas sat with Charlotte while Chris and I worked on my big classroom move across the street.

Practicing her smiles with Grandma Amy

Hi Bob. Can you give my ears just one more tug, please?

Then, we all ate lunch at Charlotte’s future favorite restaurant, Lou Henri.

I'm about to poop through this outfit.

And finally, back home for an outfit change and more hugs.

Hugs goodbye for Grammy

An updated family photo on the "picture chair."

Thanks for coming, Grandmamas! Charlotte is such a lucky little ladybug!


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