She’ll be learning to spell her name in no time!

Something special arrived in the mail today just in time for Charlotte’s 7 week birthday:

Charlotte, party of one, your table is ready!

Thanks to Aunt Micki, Matt, and cousins Jayme, Jen, and Kim for this very cool gift! I love this stool not only because it is cute, functional, has her name on it, and will help her learn, but also because I had a stool like this as a little girl. I had forgotten about it, too, until I saw Charlotte’s. Instant memories. Love it when that happens.

Besides receiving the stool, the most exciting thing we did today was a little bit of “tummy time.” Tummy time isn’t so fun, we decided. It should really be called “face in the floor” time.

Does this angle make my head look big?

Oh dear, I believe it does...


Readers, don’t forget: There are more pictures on our picasa site, which you can get to by clicking on the “Baby photos on Picasa” link on the right. 🙂


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