Baby’s first bottle

She took to her first bottle like a pro! I waited longer than I intended to do this, mainly because I was too lazy to sit around and pump. The nurses said to try the bottle around 3 – 4 weeks old; starting much earlier may confuse the baby or cause her to want the bottle exclusively since it’s faster feeding. But waiting too long may cause baby to reject it. Someone was telling me that their baby would rather not eat all day at daycare than take the bottle, so she basically had to nurse nonstop while she was home. I don’t think that’s very common, but still, I didn’t want Charlotte to think she was too good for the lovely glass bottles we bought her.

Chris fed her first, and I have to admit, I was a teeny tiny bit sad to watch her being fed by someone else. I think I can get over this though. 🙂 So far, I like the bottle for a couple reasons. One being that I can do it anywhere without people feeling awkward. I also like that I can see exactly how much she is getting. I think she actually drinks more with the bottle than when she nurses. Nursing takes more effort on her part, and so often it just puts her to sleep (this is also something I love about nursing). Another thing I like – not having to lift up my shirt(s). It seems like it would be no big deal, but in the winter I wear lots of layers. This equals lots of unzipping, untucking, unclipping, retucking, rezipping, etc. Still, pumping sucks, so I think we’ll just use the bottles when I’m at work…and when I want to have lots of glasses of wine. Kidding. Kind of.

Wait, if I'm eating now, how are you over there taking my picture, Mama??


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