Room full o’ Dorans

Charlotte had more visitors today! Great-grandma Pat, Grandpa Ben and his wife, Christine, brought a platter of sushi and open arms for snuggling. Unfortunately, Charlotte had the fussiest day of her life this afternoon. There were lots of tears, lots of time in the rocker in her bedroom, lots of time in Mama’s arms, and lots of too-short naps. Poor Great-grandma only got to hold a screaming baby today. I’m guessing the problem started out as gas and turned into exhaustion. Hopefully today’s crying will equal tonight’s sleepiness…? (Last night, Charlotte slept from 11:15ish to 5:15ish! I, however, woke up every two to three hours just anticipating her hunger.)

When Charlotte was peaceful and happy today, we made sure to get some family photos.

Here she is with Grandpa Ben:

Fine, Grandpa; I'll wear the darn Cyclone onesies you gave me if I have to...

Daddy had to get in on this, too:

I've got these two wrapped around my finger, and all I had to do was lay here!

And here’s the “room full o’ Dorans:”

Sorry for screaming when you held me, Great-grandma. I love you!


Right now I’m trying to decide what we can do tomorrow to get me out of the house. Yesterday, a doctor’s appointment was my reason. Today, Wednesday, and Thursday, I stayed inside all day. Driving to Target and/or Walmart to buy diapers is always an option (snore). The problem is, when I start inventing reasons to leave the house, especially in the winter, I end up inventing ways to spend lots of money (like eating out or shopping at Von Maur). What can a person do for free/really cheap in the middle of winter with an almost six week-old baby? Ideas anyone?


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