The post about visitors and poop

Yesterday Grandma Amy and Bob came to visit for the day! Charlotte had a great time snuggling and sleeping in Grandma’s lap. I think Grandma had a good time, too. 🙂 Later in the evening, we had some friends over from the physics department for a little “birthday party.” Pretty much all we did was sit around, ate, drank, and passed around a sleeping baby. Nobody stayed too late, but it was nice to feel like we have a social life again…

I love Grandma!

Sweet Angel...

Today Charlotte took a big, loud poop in the U.S. Cellular store while I was picking out a new phone. It’s a pretty small store and we were the only customers there, so I’m pretty sure the workers heard it happen. I wondered if they thought Chris or I did it (uncontrollable gas? Actually, I do hope they thought that for an instant at least. Hilarious.), but Charlotte laid that possibility to rest by stinking. Thank you, Baby.

When we got home, I put in her in these cute and cozy pjs from Mimi. Though her face may read otherwise, she really loves the get-up.


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