Our little smiler?

Ok, Charlotte may have smiled today for the first time….! I’m still not sure because it was one of those big, open mouthed smiles that could have just been gas. But she did it four times for me this morning as I stood over her and spoke to her in a ridiculously high voice. I’ll have to try this again tomorrow morning when she’s wide awake to see if she can replicate that little reaction. I’ll keep you posted, of course.

On another note, it’s amazing how much more alert Charlotte’s become in the past week. We can tell that she’s actually looking at things (like us and lamps and things that move) rather than looking through things. The other night Chris had his laptop on the bed next to Charlotte because we were going to watch a movie before going to sleep. When the menu started to play, Charlotte turned her head toward the sound and just stared at the screen. We thought this was amazing so we propped her up so that she was “sitting” in her boppy right in front of the screen. She watched that menu play over and over intently for about ten minutes. She probably could have watched all night (or at least until her next “nap”), but we decided that we probably shouldn’t get her addicted to TV this young. If the video camera wasn’t out in the car (and it wasn’t 10 degrees and midnight) we definitely would have taped this moment. Don’t worry, we’ll do this again.

And on yet another, totally unrelated note, we had been away from home so long (13 days), I was actually surprised to see our recently remodeled bathroom when I walked in for the first time since getting home today. I was expecting to see our crappy old crapper (I’m so funny). Such a pleasant surprise. Yes, it’s good to be home.


2 responses to “Our little smiler?

  1. We can’t wait to see our baby girl this weekend. We feel like we have missed so much already. I bet she smiled; not too early for our brilliant Charlotte!

    Talk to you soon!

    Love, Amy and Bob

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