To Grampa…

A year ago today I lost my “Grampa” to cancer. He was my first grandparent to pass away, and though we all knew the end was inevitably close for Grampa by September or October, it was still so hard to say goodbye to our sweet, jolly, smiling family member. I’ve thought about and missed him a lot this past year, especially when I think about the things I most wish he could still be here for, like Charlotte’s birth and Christmas. I was lucky to have both of my grandfathers for nearly 27 years of my life. I was lucky to have Grampa at my high school and graduation parties. I was lucky to dance with him at my wedding and have him help renovate the kitchen in my first home. Because of that, it’s even harder for me to imagine that Charlotte won’t know him. And I feel even sadder about that because I feel like he JUST missed her – I got pregnant less than two months after he died. I know how much he would have loved having a great-granddaughter.

Last year on Christmas Eve, I went with my dad to see Grampa at the nursing home for the last time. He didn’t talk and barely responded to us talking to him. He didn’t even want to eat the milkshake we got him (and if you knew Grampa, you know how strange that is), but we sat with him and held his hand. It was a hard Christmas. This year, because of Charlotte, this entire holiday season was such a happy one for my family. It’s amazing what can happen in one year and how much things can change.

Charlotte, I want you to know a few things about your Great Grampa Jack. First of all, like most of the Bremers, he was a crier, and I know he would have cried tears of pride and happiness the first time he held you. Great Grampa didn’t say much, but he was always smiling. He was also always eating. If he ever had the chance to take you out for ice cream, he would have let you order the biggest banana split on the menu, and then he would finish it for you while you played on the playground (yes, this happened to me J ). If he came over to visit, he would say, How you doing? and give you a kiss on the lips. Great Grampa would make you laugh. Most importantly, I want you to know that Great Grampa would have loved you very much – you would have made him one happy great grandparent.

Missing you, Grampa. I love you!

Charlotte with her Grandpas:

Charlotte with Grandpa Jack on her birthday...


...and with Grandpa Ben at his office


2 responses to “To Grampa…

  1. I came across this post again… I miss him so much.

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