Finally, my Christmas 2010 update

What a wonderful week we’ve had in G.E. so far! Charlotte got to meet her Uncle Joe for the first time, as well as many of her great aunts and uncles, cousins, and great-grandma! Christmas day was one she’ll always remember – she was awake for a grand total of about one hour. She was passed from person to person all day/night and hardly even flinched. She even showed us her first smile when Uncle JR presented her with a new pacifier:

I vant to suck this sucker. Mwah ha ha ha.

A few other special Christmas 2010 memories:

  • Wearing a flower on her head:

    This thing is cuter than it is comfortable...

  • Getting her diaper changed in front of 25 people:

    Oh, hello!

  • Snapping this shot of four generations of Campbell/Bremer/Doran ladies:

    Mommy, Mimi, Grammy, and Charlotte

Christmas 2010 was my favorite Christmas thus far. Charlotte, you’ve brought us all such joy!

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and we’re ringing in 2011 (wait, really? 2011???) with Aunt Amanda and Uncle Steve, some champagne, and probably some logrolling. Can’t wait!

Want to see more Christmas photos? There are more on our Picasa site (the link is to the right).



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