Wait, it’s supposed to be bed time?

Our day started today at 2:15 pm when I forced myself out of bed so I could get ready for a 3:00 appointment. Yes, we had our second-in-a-row sleepless night thanks to You Know Who. At around 2:30 am she decided she wanted to cry on and off for the next three hours. Eventually, after carrying her upright, bouncing her, rocking her, feeding her, changing her, ignoring her, patting her back, sticking the pacifier in her mouth, pedaling her legs, etc., she decided it was alright to fall asleep for good. Boy did we have a nice, deep morning/afternoon sleep! So here it is, 10:30 pm and it feels more like 3 in the afternoon. I mean, so much so that I’ll probably have another meal in a couple of hours. I’ll also probably do some reading on the new Kindle (Thanks, Grandpa Ben!), straighten up the house (or maybe not), and pack for GE.

Despite the late start to the day, we did manage to fit in some productivity. We picked up a couple of last minute Christmas gifts and ate dinner out for the first time with a baby. I’m sure Charlotte loved going out to dinner – it must have been really fun sleeping in the infant carrier in the booth. Plus, the sounds from the T.V.s, people talking, and kitchen door slamming open and shut must have been really soothing.

Here she is sporting her new psychedelic poncho from Phillis. You can tell that she loves it by the little smile on her precious face.


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