Two weeks old (and first post)!

Today is Charlotte’s two week birthday! Chris took her to the doctor this morning for her second check-up (I got to sleep in after a looong night up with the little fuss. Yes, I know I have the best husband.), and she weighed in at 9.1 pounds! She’s gained 1.4 pounds since we left the hospital on the tenth. It’s no surprise considering how this girl eats. She gulps so quickly she practically drowns herself at every meal.

Here are Charlotte’s birthday plans:

1. Sleep in the following locations: nestled in the Boppy on the couch, in the bouncy seat, on Mama’s shoulder (preferably after a good burp), and maybe, if I’m feeling extra kind, in my bassinet tonight.

2. Make explosions in my pants (Hopefully, right after my diaper is changed because it’s more fun that way.).

3. Try to gain at least an ounce in weight. I will do this by gobbling down a full meal every two to four hours.

4. Look adorable.

And here she is practicing number 1 on the bday list:



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