Caroline’s 2 month photos

Well, what a difference a month makes! What a difference two weeks makes, actually. Last month on the 19th I managed to snap about ten photos before Caroline’s one minute of being awake without crying came to an end. I felt so bad for my baby who just never seemed happy, and Chris and I dreaded those witching hours at nights so much. 

And then two weeks ago, on her six week birthday to be exact, she just stopped all that crying. I believe I wrote here that it was the happiest day of her life at the time….and she just keeps getting happier! 


I'm going to happily lie on this blanket as long as you need me to, Mama! Your welcome.

I’m going to happily lie on this blanket as long as you need me to, Mama! Your welcome.

At two months Caroline is cooing and smiling up a storm. She still loves the gallery wall of art above her changing table, and diaper changes are generally a really happy experience. :) She hates even the slightest wet diaper, and she lets us know this right away. It’s nice to know what is making your child ornery, but sheesh we are going through a lot of diapers very quickly! 

This is my birthday dance.

This is my birthday dance.

Caroline is still sleeping in her car seat on our bedroom floor for the first part of the night. When she wakes up she sleeps next to me after nursing until we get up together usually around 8 because Big Sister is up. Otherwise we’d both sleep in. :) Bed time has been so much easier, too! Those witching hours are now just a brief fussy time before she passes out for usually the next six hours. However, she has gifted us with a few seven, eight, even nine hour stretches of continuous sleep at night, and to that Chris and I say, thank you very much, little dear! 

I'm just practicing this look for my teenage years.

I’m just practicing this look for my teenage years.

I don’t have updated size stats since her appointment is on Thursday, but my guess is that she is easily over 13 pounds. She can still wear her three month outfits, but I am also dressing her in six month clothes. The little number she’s wearing in these pics is size 6 months, and look how well she fills it out. By the numbers (and clothing size) so far, Caroline is taller and heavier than Charlotte was at the same age. And I thought I could never have a baby bigger than Charlotte! 

Oh hi.

Oh hi.

Caroline and Charlotte definitely look like sisters. Even though their features are all a little different, when put together, those two look alike! 

I have a feeling this is the first of many pictures I'll get of only one kid looking at the camera! hehe

I have a feeling this is the first of many pictures I’ll get of only one kid looking at the camera! hehe

Happy 2 months, Caroline Therese! 


Update: Caroline’s appointment was yesterday morning. She cried through about two thirds of it. Can you blame her though, after having three shots and an oral immunization? Poor little bug. She is 13 pounds, 4 ounces and 24 inches long (which is just over two feet tall!). Based upon her numbers and Chris’s and my heights, the doctor predicted Caroline would grow up to be about 5’5″. We’ll see! 


Mama hasn’t been able to catch a picture of my big smiles. I’m speedy! But she did catch me smirking. Aren’t I cute? I’m seven weeks old here, and I was probably smiling at the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans rock.



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Caroline is six weeks old today! And she had the happiest day of her life! (Verdict is still out for her night…) She had a long mid-day nap and spent more time than usual awake and content, which made for a much more pleasant day in the Doran household.

I put a headband and bow on her today, and Charlotte thought she looked soooo cute in her (Charlotte’s) headband. And she wanted to wear one, too…with a bow. I grabbed two, let her choose the color, then put it on her head so that it held back her hair. She touched her headband and stared at Caroline’s. I could see her little wheels turning and I knew what she was thinking. “I want to wear it low like her,” she said, pulling it down to her forehead. So she did. And we took pictures.

headbands 1.jpg

Double drama

Double drama

A Tale of Two Bald Spots

I’ve been looking through Charlotte’s baby photos a lot recently, having fun remembering her tiny days and noticing the similarities and differences between her and Caroline.

I came across this picture I took when Charlotte was six weeks old. I felt it important to document this little bald patch she had on the back of her head from sleeping/lying on her back. (I was a much better documenter back then. Sorry, Caroline…)


(Proof that Charlotte’s hair was dark at birth, too!)

And just yesterday I was noticing Caroline (who will be six weeks old tomorrow) has developed a bald spot of her own. But unlike Charlotte, my content little back sleeping I’ll-sit-happily-whereever-you’ll-place-me baby, Caroline has two bald spots, which indicate how she’s been spending her time slumbering.


Sure, I'll point it out for ya.

Sure, I’ll point it out for ya.


This picture tells a story of our days and nights these days. The brand new rocking bassinet we bought her has been moved out of our room because who needs it when your baby just ends up sleeping with you all night anyway? She really hates lying flat. It actually makes her gasp and choke a little bit so I’m assuming she has some acid reflux going on.

Our new bedtime “routine” is this: Nurse her to sleepiness around 9 or 10 pm. Place her in the car seat we bought off craigslist when Charlotte was born that we just use around the house and carry the baby in. Spend 10 – 60 minutes rocking the car seat, stuffing the pacifier back in her mouth, placing our hand on her chest, and shhh-ing until she falls asleep. When she wakes up hours later, she will come into bed with us to nurse and then fall asleep on my arm facing me until morning. So far this has worked three nights. It didn’t work at all last night, though, so maybe that means we need a new routine already. Ha! Sounds about right for life with a young infant.

Last night she needed to sleep with me the whole night. And it really is the sweetest thing in the world waking up to this face snoozing away right next to yours.


(This pic is a few weeks old already; the pre-bald spot days.)

What’s not the sweetest thing: waking up to that snoozing face seventeen times every four hours. Once or twice would really do the trick.

As I’ve been writing this, Caroline has been fighting sleep in her car seat while I’ve been using my foot to rock it back and forth,back and forth, back and forth. I’ve looked down to catch her smiling at the window one moment and on the verge of tears the next. 

Charlotte has been in the room with us playing with her dinosaurs, cars, and racetrack. She is doing her best not to crash them right next to Caroline, jolting her out of her sleepy haze for the hundredth time, and I’ve been doing my best to be patient with Charlotte and remember that all this is an adjustment for her, too. 

Finally, Caroline is sleeping , and I can devote all my focus to giving Charlotte a bath and getting her ready for her own nap. We are all getting the hang of being a family of four, slowly but surely. 


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Caroline’s first stats

Last Monday Caroline had her first appointment with the pediatrician. We actually forgot to go to our original appointment scheduled on Friday (I’m blaming it on “new baby brain.” Sure, that’s a thing.) so she had a little extra time to grow. 

Caroline did not love her appointment at all, which meant that I had to nurse her there, and as a result, I learned that I wasn’t always positioning her right for feeding at her age. I made a simple change and I think she has been filling up a little better.

Not that it had been much of a problem — she was up to 9 pounds, 1 ounce at eleven days old! That’s fourteen ounces since we left the hospital the Saturday before. (The doctor, however, said it wasn’t a “fabulous” weight gain, but she was okay with it. Whatever lady!)  So far Caroline is close to the 90th percentile for weight and 97th for height.

When the doctor saw how long she is she said, “You have a very tall baby, but you’re both tall right?”

Yes, I am a very tall 5’3″.  :) 

Chris is 6 feet, so average/tall? Charlotte is still tall for her age, but we’ll see how all these numbers play out in later years. (Not like it even really matters anyway!)

She is healthy, and we are happy! 

Sweet snoozer

This sweet snoozer is fattening up!




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